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Finish Question Delamination
I have a 2019 Custom Shop 60’s Strat that I purchased from a top notch dealer. I brought it home and put it away in my air conditioned and humidity controlled closet. Last week I pulled it out and when I opened the case, the finish on the strat had a 3-4” crack in it from the base of the neck running vertically away from the top/left neck edge and the finish had delaminated. Any thoughts or ideas out there?
I don't think you need to humidify your Strats but if you do just soak a dish sponge and wring it out and put it in a zip lock bag. then leave it in the case and pole some holes in it. Sounds like your Strat swelled from the closet. Big jumps in temp require the Strat to acclimate while still in the case. Take it to a good repair guy if you can find one and get an opinion