Wilkinson 50IIK - full float possible?


Aug 5, 2012
Hi all,

Potentially looking to buy a Harley Benton Fusion III with a Wilkinson 50IIK bridge installed.

I prefer non-locking trems but with my Fender 2-point or 6-screw trems I have them all set up to float as much as possible, with 3 semitones of pull-up on the G string.

Is this doable with the above model of Wilkinson? Sure, I realise you can adjust the spring tension etc with any trem, but when searching online it looks like it’s recommended that you keep this bridge parallel to the body…which I’m guessing gives you pretty limited float unless you recess the trem.

Any thoughts/personal experience gratefully received.


Senior Stratmaster
Jan 31, 2015
London, UK
It’s a 2 point trem, so you can just raise the bridge posts to increase the float.

Also, while it is intended to be kept parallel, no one is going to come and arrest you if you angle it.

The “keep parallel” recommendation applies to the Fender 2 point as well, by the way.