Why own more than one strat?

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Dec 16, 2018
Louisville Kentucky
I enjoy doing partscasters - having a vision for what I’m after or what’s inspired me and setting about creating it.

Each one sounds different bc I like a variety of vintage style pickups my #1 is my do it all. Then I have one for 60’s tones (my Jimi strat) and a 50’s style (Derek and the Dominoes strat)


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Dec 2, 2010
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Nov 14, 2019
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For me the only reason would be looks. I get that they are all different, but I am primarily a Tele player and use a Strat perhaps 10% of the time. I do own only one, and am lucky enough to own the finest non-vintage Strat I have ever played, a CS ‘56 (Pic 1)

That said, every time I look on the K-Line webpage, one particular Springfield makes me want one in this shade of green with a super-dark fretboard (Like pic 2).


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Nov 11, 2022
Canada eh
"but it would take strat time away from the custom shop.
So I'm a bit torn here."
In my world that's a good thing.
Split up the workload how you please. Enjoy noticing the different sounds as you change guitars with the same setup as you play different styles in different switch positions.
I have a bag of corn in the freezer specifically for when I finish a good round. Poor old hands.
As for me, out of 8 guitars (Well.. ... 7, and a bass. Cuz everyone needs a bass right?) 5 could be seen by the untrained eye to be a waste of money.
Nae Nae!
Much to the contrary.

I'll never forget when I was young hearing a guy say,
"It's all about the sound, maaan."

I still chuckle over that.


Nov 23, 2022
I really tried to cut down from 5 Stratlike objects.

I got to 4 but when I tried to get to 3...... The best I could do was swap for another SLO.

Problem is it was so hard to figure out which one to sell. Now I am right back in the same boat.

I'm left with an SSS a HSS a HSH and a.....G&L Comanche. (Hard to know what to call those pickups.... Singlebucker?)

Ah well....