Where does the metal for the Trem Block come from?

Guy Incognito

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May 14, 2019
Here and now
Trem block miners at work.

I think only one of those guys is actually working. The guy on the right is doing a crossword while the guy on the left sets up his prank.

Crossword dude has a look of disapproval but isn't stopping anything.


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Jan 26, 2022
Northwest US
What is a Fender pure vintage block made of.
I checked with a magnet...it do stick.
It’s steel, what kind? cast or milled block? They look cast to me...not looking at one this second.
Cheap Fenders...skinny blocks and fat blocks no stick.
Zinc cast.

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Feb 28, 2022
I think I need to call a paranormal investigator.
My compass went crazy when I moved it close to some trem blocks.
Do I need an exorcist?

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You can call me Duane 😁
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Jan 23, 2020
Either other factors or the placebo effect.

I can convince myself a black guitar sounds better.

In the hypothetical 4 block scenario are all 4 different designs of the same material or 4 identical blocks?

IMO the answer doesn't even matter.

In one case a swapped a Squier pot metal block for a nice beefy solid brass block and found there to be almost no difference.

In a another situation I bought an Allparts Nitro body that came with a massive brass block. When I put my 62 reissue neck on it, the guitar was very bright and lively. I figured that was the big brass block.

Later I bought a Hwy 1 body with stock bridge. I put the 62 neck on the Hwy 1 and a KWS neck on the Allparts body.

Suddenly the Hwy 1 body was lively and the Allparts body not so much. The 62 neck was lively, the block was doing nothing.

How's that KWS neck? Fat or slim? I assume KWS is Kenny Wayne Shepherd?