What's YOUR guitar worth?


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Nov 3, 2020
above ground
My best guitar is a Danny Gatton model Telecaster.
Danny signed the neck pocket at the factory.
No idea if that affects value.
I bought it mint but used for much less than these listings:


Mar 6, 2023
Darlaston UK
Over 6 million dollars for Kurt Cobain's beat up acoustic?????
Now I know someone's having a laugh.
Kurt Cobain was/is vastly over rated in my opinion. 😂😂
My own guitars are worth more to me than they are to anyone else, I would imagine.
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Mar 21, 2011
Nature Coast Florida
It's interesting as I really don't visualize/relate to my instruments by their monetary worth. I view them like old friends that support and provide me with something quite rewarding. Maybe that's a bit of anthropomorphism at play. However my '63 Gibson Hummingbird and '69 Jazz Bass are probably my two most valuable. My least is probably my Welch Twang Slinger T Style that I modified to my liking.


Nov 23, 2022
I have a Gibson Les Paul Standard made in march 2000. Natural wood finish. It's nice. I got it for 1150 plus an SSD drive and some work I did on the guys Mac. SSD cost me 100 bucks.

If I had charged him for the work it would have been about another 200 bucks.

I got it the beginning of lockdown in March 2020. The guy reckoned he could get 2 grand for it if he was patient

Who knows maybe he was right. Academic anyway. It's on my keep list.

I would think it's my most valuable axe


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Dec 27, 2016
Took the words right out of my mouth.
I may hold some sentimental value in certain things but I see it all as just stuff. Stuff can be replaced and in the end is pretty meaningless but there are three guitars that, if they were destroyed or stolen, I would be really busted up over. One was the cheapest strat sold at its time, another has been carved up and ruined so badly its a miracle it still holds together and the third is the guitar that I wrote and recorded the song my wife met me at the alter to.
I've been offered more than I paid for the third one and turned it down without hesitation. It stays till the end then will be bequeathed to my niece along with the strat.


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Jan 24, 2022
My '79 Les Paul Deluxe. It's not exactly the top of the line model. I see them going for close to $5000 CAD on Reverb. People have asked me if I was interested in selling it and I've told them that the amount of money I would accept for it would not be worth it to the buyer. It belonged to my dad and it's the first guitar I ever played. It's the same age as me and some day I will pass it to my son. It's priceless to me. IMG_20220129_091852.jpg