What did you learn on?


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Nov 6, 2022
Jersey, CI
I had an orange acoustic guitar with a palm tree painted on it, that had a trapeze tail piece and a floating bridge, and was strung with a mix of steel and nylon strings. I was about 8.

When I was 13 I got a Marlin ‘Slammer’ strat copy. It was awful but two years or so later I got an Ibanez rg550 — which I still have now.


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Nov 5, 2018
United Kingdom
A Legend LST-06. It wasn’t my first guitar, but it was the one I used to progress from ‘absolute beginner’ to ‘can play a few whole songs’. I’ve kept it as it’s really not a bad guitar for something I bought in a junk shop without any real knowledge of what I was looking at! It was usually paired with a Marshall MG10, now long gone.

29790801-4BE5-48A9-A329-6237FBFDE37B.jpeg EAAE1598-A9AB-4ECB-8C91-08CA405B64E2.jpeg


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Dec 1, 2019
Jersey, Channel Islands
My first proper guitar was a sunburst Tanglewood strat copy, then a red crackle Charvette by Charvel. I remember them both being good guitars and wish I hadnt parted with them... I sold the Tanglewood to a kid at school. I tried to track it down a while ago, but he traded it years ago with someone for a windsurfer.

Dnt remember my first amp, but I got a Peavey Bandit 65 fairly early on...

My third guitar was my 93 MIM strat which I still have, heavily modded, today.


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Dec 25, 2022
I started relearning to play right before the pandemic hit...hadn't picked up a guitar in close to 45 years.

I used to hang this ol Squier Tele on my wall for years. My son used it as his first touring guitar and I wanted it for decoration, after he made it unplayable....smashed on stage.

But I had an epiphany one day in early 2020.

Even in it's terrible shape, that guitar was still better than anything I played as a kid. So I started finding parts to rehab it.

That took a few weeks...lotta ebay shopping. Then, I found out it was REALLY beat up even worse than I originally thought. There were deep cracks and the neck pocket was nearly shattered.

Got some clamps, glue and went to work again.

Finally got it to play, although I need to take it apart to figure out why the bridge pup isn't working. But, it's the one guitar I wouldn't part with for anything now.


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92 Fiesta Red 62

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Apr 27, 2022
My first acoustic:

50C35F2A-CC54-4355-95F9-73A3C466EA2C.jpeg E7F6381A-1008-4D93-A8F5-D4A7C78F12AC.jpeg 4407F251-0D4A-4333-A88F-86C4F37128B7.jpeg

My first electric rig:

69872216-65D4-4FC6-965A-5E280A401D6D.jpeg 2ED2BAEA-6147-4F57-8BB7-8BC335C30987.jpeg A76BBF6F-962E-4524-8F9C-12498E80ADF1.jpeg 8FAAC02C-8A18-4F40-AE7E-598EF897175B.jpeg 4533C327-6442-4F4F-B1CB-00C76A14C287.jpeg

I have somehow held on to all these instruments since 1989!

The acoustic punches above its weight class, big time…it’s a 1986 Fender F-250, made in Korea. Sounds and plays great.

The amp is a solid-state Gibson G-20. One of the best tremolo/vibrato/whatever circuits I’ve ever heard…I judge all tremolo effects against this one.

The guitar is a 1980 G&L F-100…I was spoiled early on, having an electric guitar of this high quality right off the bat.
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May 28, 2012
The very first musical instrument I learned on was a soprano ukulele that my parents got from S & H Green stamps...or was it the yellow Top Value stamps?

Next was a cheap acoustic guitar....then a Fender Coronado bass and a Bantam Bassman amp.

not mine, but just like it

1967-Fender-Coronado-Bass-3t-Sunburst-204395_19 copy.jpg

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Sep 2, 2019
Under the Tuscan sun
I learnt on this yamaha acoustic with 0.13 gauge strings.
It had been dumped around the house as a piece of furniture for years till I decided to learn.
I spent about 150 euro on it to try to get it in a playable condition.
That was a lot of money for a broke lad in his early 20s.
Unfortunately it had a warped neck so it buzzed like crazy in the middle of the neck. It was okish for open chord stuff in the first positions.
I remember it really antagonized me some times because of the buzz and I really felt like smashing it to pieces and throwing it over the balcony !
But I persisted because I really wanted to learn , I didn't want to give up.
I'm glad I kept at it.


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Rocket King

Sep 2, 2019
Under the Tuscan sun
About a year and a half later I managed to put together enough money to get myself an electric rig.
It doesn't look like much but I remember not going out for 3/4 months to save up.
No clubs, no dates, nothing!
A BIG sacrifice LOL.
It's a Vintage V100 guitar and a Roland Microcube amp.
I still routinely use the amp, despite having a Twin Reverb, but I don't have the guitar anymore.
I sold it last summer because I hadn't played it for years but I kind of regret it now because it would have come in handy to play during my break at work.
Oh well.


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Scott Baxendale

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May 20, 2020
Sante Fe, NM
the 3/4 Harmony Silvertone was my first guitar which was $12.95 at Sears. Then I saved lawn mowing money to buy the Teisco for $22. Our neighbor gave me the Tremolux Amp, before that I had a Valco amp from Radio Shack. This was my first setup.

IMG_5260.jpeg IMG_5259.jpeg IMG_5261.jpeg

Handsome McClane

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Sep 6, 2020
I had a nylon string acoustic I got for Christmas when I was 10. Never played it though. Signed up for guitar class my senior year in high school, which is when I got the "guitar bug" and actually started playing:

Black Peavey T60. Bought it with the plastic still on it from a pawn shop for $100.


Kustom tuck and roll bass amp:


and last but not least, a Ventura steel string acoustic: