What are you listening to right now?


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Feb 6, 2023
I found a CD in my collection I bought at the dollar store 3 or 4 years ago. Never even opened it until today. It's called Austin, Texas: Rockin' the crossroads. I think it was a promo CD from a record label. Didn't even look at the liner notes, put it on and the second tune sounded really familiar. It was a tune by Doyle Bramhall called "Too Sorry" with Stevie Vaughan (not Stevie Ray) on guitar, Chris layton on drums and Tommy Shannon on bass. Great compilation disc. Other artist include Luther Tucker, Sue Foley, Kim Wilson and Snooky Pryor.
That is Stevie Ray on guitar. Doyle Sr. and Stevie were great friends and co wrote some of Stevies songs.