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Nov 20, 2022
Washington State
My wife "found" this Squire at a local pawn shop and purchased it for $50.00. We've done a lot of research, and needless to say, we cannot pin down any manufacturing data. Just a lot of side roads that give a definite maybe it's (fill in the blank).

There is no serial #; the neck plate is not stamped. I have pulled it apart and am in the process of putting in new pots,, etc. etc. There is absolutely no identifying markings anywhere.

We hope y'all and the collective knowledge can help us. Adding a few pictures and having many more if needed. She connected to this guitar, and I really want to help her. IMG_0403.JPEG IMG_0404.JPEG IMG_1812.JPEG IMG_1814.JPEG IMG_1825.JPEG IMG_1826.JPEG


Apr 11, 2010
Winnipeg,Mb Canada
It's a promo guitar that was used for contests and such. Some of them had Bullet on the headstock rather than Squier.