Squier Strat - 2005 Affinity Build with P90s "Noventa" (CII IC Serial)


Jun 8, 2022
This is a partscaster I built from a 2005 Affinity Strat neck. I found the neck at a music store, then went away with getting my own "Noventa" Strat going.

  • Gotoh SG381 tuners
  • alder surf green ST-body
  • Wilkinson WOV08 tremolo with roller saddles
  • Alegree P90s (budget A5 grade)
  • WD Music P90 beauty rings
  • Artec SBC73C blade pickup
  • Fender Telecaster '74 knobs
  • replacement pots; two are push-pull
  • 5-way 4P5T "superswitch"
  • Strap locks
  • M5 threaded insert hardware conversion in neck
  • cam-lever terminal blocks

I could've stuck with the standard dual P90 setup, but I wanted to add a middle humbucker to thicken either P90 in series for curiosity. Have fun reading the diagram.
Stratocaster - P90s with Middle Hot Rail.png




Shielding paint

It was tight wiring...

The beauty rings are not permanently attached. I hacked away a P90 cover to act as spacer to hold them together as a push fit. I also didn't have the foam inserts, however dollar-store furniture pads will do the job at a fraction of the price and ease of availability (it was in my parts box unused since 2014).


Just a little "Blacktop" look

It sounds like a typical P90 strat. The middle humbucker does have some nice clarity (Artec ain't too bad with bang-for-buck). The series combinations with the half coil split definitely gives the P90s a cleaner boost. Push-pull actives can allow for both P90s to be activated, or combined with the coil split, or activate all pickups in the middle position (which sounds a bit to gritty).

But yeah, the combinations are there however I do tend leave the push-pulls alone and mainly stick with the bridge pickup alone. Cheers.

Will Lefeurve

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Mar 1, 2016
Angleterre et France
Good stuff Butcher.. I'm always up for 'taking a different' route in life, and your Strat appeals to me in that way. Plus.. the P90 is my favourite single coil pickup. Nothing beats them IMHO. Its one of the reasons I love my old LP Goldtop.. those P90s can either chew your balls off, or sing you a lullaby, and everything in between.. Love the colour too by the way.. :thumb: