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Jul 6, 2014
Carmel IN
1999 body, pretty sure it’s Mexican but never seen one with 2 cnc holes. SD Hot Rails in the neck and an Invader in the bridge. Middle pickup is Fender but I can’t ID which one. $275 shipped. Edited to add the B string saddle is not original. I have the original but did not have a screw that would fit it so I’m not sure if it’s stripped or not.

E57BB17E-6240-4DE4-BB1C-67EE098FAE13.jpeg 7AD3351F-1B86-4B48-88FC-4F65349C488D.jpeg 8CDC58EF-2A30-4E0B-B3AB-C5FB5A0E1D97.jpeg 68B35F41-5237-45A8-A51B-AF16CF61DAA9.jpeg 2761E3F6-7A61-4D19-9B24-999B5450090C.jpeg 7E43F36C-96A0-4B19-ADA0-ECC546D27B40.jpeg 4458789F-42BB-4D47-805A-7F1A2BD4D598.jpeg 081C14AD-63D8-4D2A-9FAA-4EC3992B1D6F.jpeg
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Apr 24, 2020
If didn’t already have all the components for my new build, I’d easily be all over it.

Somebody get on this!