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May 2, 2014
Rock Hill, SC
THIS SUPER BEE is super! She’s in mint condition. Perfect. Played no more than 5-10 hours and there’s not a ding, dent, scratch smear or smudge on her. She’s yours for $2,400.
FREE shipping to CONUS in original box.

The Super Bee captures that legendary Fullerton-made blackface 4x10" Super Reverb sound in an inspiring new model. She’s sized and powered to suit the true needs of today’s venues. No channel switching, no loop, just pure old-school blackface-inspired tone, delivered with new-school usability.
Add the Sting switch and you can go from scooped chime, to edge-of-breakup twang, to stinging roar. It’s all there at volume levels that will keep you smiling while you push the Super Bee into succulent output-tube-driven overdrive and harmonically saturated bloom.
The key to the Super Bee circuit lies in her current-production 6BM8 output tubes. The pair achieves rich, bold, articulate tone remarkably reminiscent of the classic 6L6GC but at only 10 watts — plenty to cut through your drummer at the next club gig, but easily driven into dynamic sonic splendor without violating any noise restrictions. (I’ll include a couple of spare 6BM8 tubes).

Super Bee features:
• A built-in attenuator to take it from 2 watts to a whisper for late-night jams.
• Carr’s spacious, three-dimensional tube-driven reverb
• An EZ81 tube rectifier for a lively, bouncy playing response.
• Carr’s legendary point-to-point construction and high-end component selection.

The versatile Sting switch lets you reconfigure the Super Bee for three classic voices on the fly:
64 – extra-scooped shimmer for crystalline cleans
68 – pushed blackface with bite for meaty twang and crunch
72 – more gain and a shift in the EQ circuit placement delivering fuller mids for luscious leads

From the web:
“A beautiful true point-to-point handwired new amp model from the master, Steve Carr. This amp looks great in my favorite brown gator tolex and it sounds amazing! Great classic Fender tones with an incredibly powerful EQ, plus the three-position "Sting" switch which changes the voice/gain structure. With all this, and Carr's unbelievably useful onboard attenuator, this is the at-home versatile Fender amp for vintage tones.”

The Carr Super Bee — a Super reverb combo you can actually carry…and tear down the house without shredding any eardrums.
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