Screaming Bird Clone vs. December 1969 Popular Electronics Treble Booster


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Jul 28, 2020
Ypsilanti, Michigan
The other day I built this treble booster (I'm calling it the "Ice Pick '69, Winter of Love Treble Booster") that was featured in the December 1969 issue of Popular Electronics. I've attached scans of the original article and my schematic, and a link to a YT video comparing the Ice Pick '69 to a Screaming Bird clone I built yesterday (calling that one the "Shriekin' Jay") for that purpose. That one is still in my LPB-1 test platform.

Unlike a Screaming Bird, which has a single gain control (the boost range is fixed), the Ice Pick is more like a standard active treble control, turning it up does not reduce the lower frequencies. Turned all the way down it sounds virtually the same as when it's bypassed -- I really like it, it sparkles!

Oh yeah, the Ice Pick has a 2N5088 and the Shriekin'Jay has a PN2222A (salvaged).

Ice Pick '69 Winter of Love Treble Booster
01_Ice Pick '69.png 03_Ice Pick '69.png 04_Ice Pick '69.png 02_Ice Pick '69.png 05_Ice Pick '69.png
06_Ice Pick '69.png
My Schematic
Ice Pick '69 Treble Booster.png
Popular Electronics December 1969
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Both pedals were turned all the way up for this comparison.

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Jul 28, 2020
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Here are PDFs of the Popular Electronics article. They’re legible when enlarged.


  • Treble Booster Page 1.pdf
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Nov 26, 2020
Vancouver BC
Nice! I like the Popular Electronics pedal. I think it sounds great, like out of phase pickups without the cancelation?

What's the back story? Where did you run across an article from 1969?