Oh gawd....

Bob the builder

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May 2, 2016
Cranston, Rhode Island
Graduated in 78
I've been back to my old high skool exactly 2 times.
Once 3 years after my graduation for my younger brother and one more time a couple years ago for his kids (my nephew) football game.
I did go to my hs music teachers funeral.
Mr. John Azevedo
He was loved by most of us


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Nov 14, 2013
I went to the first one. Never went to another, like you I hated high school with a passion. Loved jr high though.
I seems, sadly, that public school programs offer very little that is of social value for any kids that are not into sports, or activities that directly support the sports programs.


Nov 29, 2020
Michigan USA
....and I'm never going back to my old school.

Actually, HS was a blur of reefer and alcohol and black beauties and the best music/best cars/most ridiculous clothing this world has ever seen. Class of '76 here. After drifting around the country for a few decades, I somehow managed to end up about a mile from my old school.

IF I could change anything, it would be that I would remember more of it.


Dec 2, 2021
Fair enough.

Can I suggest The Lady in Red and Wonderful Tonight as end of show slow ones? Don't forget 8765309 either.
Snark all you like, but I’ll tell you this: every time we play Wonderful Tonight, the dance floor gets packed. Even it’s been a relatively slow night.


We don’t play it every gig, but when we do it always goes over well.

Not trying to start the age-old debate about tired songs and playing for the crowd vs playing for personal satisfaction. It all depends on the environment and the type of band.

But - in a cover band situation - it’s my job to play songs the general public likes to hear. That certainly doesn’t mean WE like playing tired songs…but the crowd liking them means we get invited back for more gigs.

And, for us, that’s the whole point.


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Feb 2, 2008
southern NH
I was '78. Never been to one and not planning on any either. I freaking hated HS. Why would I want to go back ?
same here, but '76. hated HS, couldn't wait to get out. Couldn't drop out because parents wouldn't let me ("our rules until you're 18") They made me take AP and college prep courses when I wanted to take shop courses. By the time I was 18, it was only a couple months left so I graduated with zero desire to go to college. I have not been to a single reunion.

Seamus OReally

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Feb 11, 2019
Way out west
I was the weird kid, the bookworm loner with a target on his back. The only thing that kept me sane was my rock and roll band, of which no member was from my rural consolidated high school. I have considered attending to lord my relative success over them, but I don’t think that would make me feel good, so I’ve never gone.


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Dec 13, 2020
Tir-na Nog'th
Yeah, back in 2013 I went to my 40-year HS reunion. It was brutal to say the least. The A**-hats were even A**-hattier, the losers had lost even more, the cheerleaders......well, what can you say, at least they married. Myself....well it turns out I was still a quiet loner with no friends.