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Dec 27, 2016
New Pickups Day!
Ok so it's a little belated. I got these back in July when on vacation in Denver at a guitar repair shop that had them as a set of takeouts for sale. I bought them.with a loaded pickguard that has a set of 2 bar ceramic magnet pickups in it for $115 if I remember correctly.
I've always wanted to try a set of Lace Sensor Alumitone humbuckers and when I came across these I couldn't pass them up...not for that price.
20230119_200007.jpg 20230119_200017.jpg
I did run into a problem with one of them having a stripped screw hole but that was easily repaired by drilling it and tapping it to a 3mmx0.5 hole and using slightly larger screws.
All said and done, I gotta say I really like far. I still have to take the time to dial them in but these p'ups are quite impressive to say the least.
I installed them in one of my most versatile strats that have the Atheris modular pickguard system. Now I can change them out on a whim in a matter of minutes for something else when I want to. This guitar right now is 7 guitars in one and I still have 2 more pickguards to set up for it when I figure out what I want to do with them.
20230119_221825.jpg 20230119_222722.jpg
Last pic has the Alumitone humbuckers and a Lace Sensor Rainbow set.


Nov 26, 2020
Vancouver BC
Great stuff!

Is there familial resemblance tonally with the Alumitones and Sensors? I'm curious about your impressions. There isn't a lot of reviews of the Alumitone line.


Dec 1, 2016
the Bozone
Those Alumitones are interesting. The ones I have heard (Deathbuckers) are very loud and flat sounding. Similar to EMG. I think all alumitone humbuckers are essentially the same design: A two-turn pickup in RWRP configuration with a step-up transformer. The only difference between models is the ratio of step-up.

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