NGD! It's Blue! It's Beautiful!


The Pink Bunnyman Phranknstein
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Dec 27, 2016
No, it's not a GE television either! (I know, I know. No one remembers that commercial but me, right?)

Anyway! I went to GC today to get a set of sacrificial strings for the guitar I'm building and came across this beauty in the used room. I still had several acres sitting in my room taking up space that I really didn't play and just couldn't get along with so I went back to the host and grabbed a couple and made the trade plus $22 even. Before anyone puts me on blast for taking the hit, I have had them listed locally for about a month and only got nibbles from idiots and morons. Also, I got one in trade for a guitar that was gifted to me so I didn't lose out at all on that one and the other one I picked up for $160 a few months back. So for a total of $180,I think I made it pretty well for a guitar that I know I will play.
This is my second one of these but it's 3 years older and has almost no play wear. You can see sheer the previous owner tested his finger when picking but that's about it.
20230601_153124.jpg 20230601_153146.jpg 20230601_153624.jpg
It also came with the Dimarzio Strap but that came off pretty quickly since I use Schaller strap locks.
These guitars are just frikkin' amazing!


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Nov 19, 2021
For some reason, i was expecting a blue flame maple or something. Surprised, but not disappointed. That's sweet and the black headstock actually works really well. Better than a matched headstock colour.
I'm sure you will sleep a lot better in the knowledge that I approve immensely. 👍