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Mar 18, 2015
I put together another partscaster over the weekend to fill the strat void.
I won the body on ebay from MJT a few months ago, and then I ordered a neck from Warmoth. I also got the hardware from Warmoth. I went with the Gotoh vintage bridge....and it was a perfect fit.
The body is alder with a nicely figured maple top in a black burst. It has the belly contour but not the arm contour, it's a nice thick top so it has a lot of movement.

20230202_231200_copy_1871x1350.jpg 20230202_234747_copy_1808x1415.jpg

For the neck, I went with a one piece quartersawn maple, Warmoth's 59 profile, 10 inch radius, stainless steel narrow tall frets, 1 11/16" nut width, satin nitro finish.


The neck is super pale. Maybe it'll darken with age. There is very subtle figuring if you hold it at the right angle.

For pickups, I went with Fender Custom Shop hand wound dual mag pickups...I loved the way they sounded on the CS strat I had (that @CB91710 now has), so I knew I couldn't go wrong with them. It's a pre-wired guard, with treble bleed on it.



And here is the finished guitar!
It plays very nice, the neck and body went together very well creating a lively and resonant guitar. The neck feels great. And of course, it sounds wonderful. I'll need to do a couple minor adjustments to nut height. The intonation of the bridge was nearly spot on from the box.




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