NGD - Epi 50’s Goldtop


Dr. Stratster
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Dec 2, 2010
Peardale CA
Man o man I’m loving this. I loaded Klein Epic 59’s in this baby and wow! Does it sound like an authentic, classic rock LP.

Gonna do a bone nut and buy a pickguard. Switch needs a tip (tip broke in the mail )

Now I have it to go with my Epi Deluxe Black Beauty (loaded with SD Saturday Night Specials) View attachment 635701 View attachment 635702
Man Oh Man


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Jun 1, 2012
Quad Cities area IA/IL USA
As I’m trimming the herd and uncluttering my existence, I’m trying to decide which guitars to keep. Right now I’m decided on keeping two MJT Strats I put together, a Les Paul Jr double cut and an Epiphone Worn Gold Classic I bought last fall. I love that thing! It weighs like 7 lbs and feels great. Sounds killer!