NGD 2014 Squier 50s Classic Vibe


Mar 21, 2022
Cool. I‘m still Impressed with my 2010 60s CV Strat. If not for the head stock you would never know it was a lower budget guitar.


Senior Stratmaster
Aug 30, 2022
That's odd. Was it a 50's CV? Mine's not skinny..86" at the first fret.
Yup it was! Didn't measure it but it felt way skinnier than my AO50 strat neck. Could also be I'm so used to thick necks that anything that is not very thick feels skinny to me.
Necks are sanded by hand so there could slso be some variation between two guitars of the same model

Will Lefeurve

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Mar 1, 2016
Angleterre et France
Lovely guitar.. the CV's are the dogs b0ll0cks in my book.. :thumb:

The Chinese guitar laying in that case is as good, if not better.. than anything Leo put out in the 50/60s.. and certainly better than anything Fender were 'attempting' in the 70s that's for sure, and most likely equal to many present day models too.. 🤣

Any gigging guitarist who knows a good instrument when he sees it would tell you the same thing.. :thumb: