New Lake Placid Blue and Walnut Squier Bass VI's preorder at CME!

HSH Classic Vibe

May 29, 2022
Republic of Squierland
Chicago Music Exchange just listed two new Jazzmasters and two new Bass VI's. The first pair are Lake Placid Blue with matching headstock and the second are walnut with black block inlays. I regret buying the black Bass VI instead of waiting for either the Lake Placid Blue or the purple. I have included pictures of their Shell Pink and purple models as well.
1659614161828.png 1659614170513.png 1659614178147.png 1659614183740.png

What I should do is buy the purple one and get a matching purple capo and keep it permanently at the 5th fret so I can use it as a A-tuned baritone.

Oh wow. I really do need help!