Never gets old.


Oct 13, 2021
We played frat houses and legion halls with no stage -- you just faced down the audience right there on the terrazzo.

Drunks would try to commandeer the mic. The monitors would be full of frothing beer -- I remember having to replace all their high-frequency drivers after one gig. But on the plus side, you could dance around with the audience sometimes.

Real rock 'n' roll.


Senior Stratmaster
Feb 8, 2017
Harpers Ferry WV
A couple years back, played at Antietam Creek Vineyards--awesome winery/location but the stage, shall we say...saw plenty of battle. It was about 8 x 6 with a soft spot in the middle with a carpet on top to keep from falling through.

The stage swayed and flexed so bad during playing that I had to duct tape my guitar stand down for fear of them tipping over.


Nov 6, 2022
Jersey, CI
There’s one pub I play at (solo or sometimes duo) where I have to close the dartboard (after apologising to anyone playing), move anyone sat in the built in bench seat and observe a taped area on the floor that if crossed by equipment, breaches fire exit regulations.

I have to get there an hour early to make sure I’ve got time to gently request the former requirements and give the folks plenty of time to get organised before I can set up my pa etc.

Once in, there’s only a small arc of travel that I can move the headstock of my guitar in, and I can’t bring a backup guitar as I usually do (string breaks or electronics issues) because there’s nowhere to put it and you can’t park nearby either as it’s in a pedestrianised town centre.

Totally worth it though, because the sound (soft furnishings and actual carpet) and atmosphere in there are unmatched anywhere I’ve ever played, and often remind me of why I play music in the first place!


Dr. Stratster
Mar 7, 2013
Harlow, Essex, UK
OH YES INDEED. Many time before. Built for an acoustic trio at most but the club wants 5 piece full on rock bands. Then complain the band is too loud. 🤦‍♂️
Did one of my most fun gigs at a pub adjacent to a USAF base we played regularly. Tge small stage was extended to take our five piece plus three USAF airmen who’d been posted there. The extension was built of beer crates and some plywood rustled up from a nearby barn. Moved a bit, we were able to claim to have really rocked the joint!


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Feb 3, 2016
Mesquite, Texas
I’ve played several outdoor gigs no stage. One was on the concrete patio of a covered pavilion. Another on ground of a parking lot. Hey, you do what you’ve got to do to make it work. A flatbed trailer actually made a decent stage