NCGD (New Cheap Guitar Day)

Boyd L

Jul 17, 2020
Appalachian Foothills
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Just love this thing.

2009 Bullet upgraded electronics , full size pots, 5 way switch, output Jack, modern string trees, thicker body and amazing RW neck .It's cost a few bucks but worth every cent. Best player I have, fully gigable. Squier guitars are awesome, and this is not even a new one. View attachment 634451 Under the hood.
Love black on black on black.


Senior Stratmaster
Sep 23, 2018
Looks great. If Squier made full 1.75 thickness bodies (other than the CV line) I'd own some.
I like the thin body. It's hard to find a good compatible bridge but it gives to the guitar a sleek appearance which I like. It's also lighter.