Muddy Strat Pickups


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May 24, 2023

I absolutely hate dark , muddy pickups…. They kill me!

I LUV Strats that are crystal clear , bright and chimey.

What are some recommendations for after market Strat pickups that are clean , bright and jangely ?

How are the Classic 57/62 pickups from Fender?

Also, any recommendations for aftermarket wiring harnesses.

Thanks for your input!


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Mar 15, 2016
I really liked the 57/62 set, absolutely not muddy or muffled. And I was lucky enough to have a set of Lindy fralin vintage hots for a while which are probably the only pickups I liked more than the 57/62.

Having said that the stock U pickups in my tokai are also great, some people find them too bright but I love the neck pickup in it. Maybe even the best of them all.

So I’m going to say

tokai U neck
57/62 middle
Fralin bridge.



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May 5, 2021
Good call on the 57/62's...I would throw the CS 69's in for consideration. Also check the Volume pot reading and see if it is close to 250k or if out of spec.


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May 12, 2016
River Falls, WI
It mostly depends on how hot you prefer them... Any decent alnico set should give you a good jangley Strat sound IMO. The 57/62's are some of the most highly revered older sets on here but they are vintage voiced so that's something to take into consideration depending on your playing style. You can dial back a hotter pup on the tone control to get more of a vintage sound but you can't make a lower-mid output pup hotter. If you play mostly cleaner stuff like blues, country and jazz they'd be ideal but they may not have enough output for heavier stuff like hard rock and even "Texas Blues" type stuff.