Looking to buy this "Squire", is this fake? Thanks!


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Sep 22, 2021
Pacific Northwet, US

New here and looking for some help with a guitar that I'm looking to buy. Listed as a Squire, but a lot of things look odd to me and I can't confirm the model anywhere. The 2 point trem comes on squires but this one looks odd. The headstock is weird too. The truss rod cutout is an odd shape and the logo look off as well. Single string tree and cheapo tuners don't match up either. No serial number given. I can't seem to place this guitar as an actual Squire model. Any help? Thanks!


Honestly, if I get even vague trust issues with a seller, there's always going to be the same or better deal coming along, so I pass. (Unless I someday, somehow find my first guitar, a Squier strat from around 1982ish that is probably not existing anymore and I'm silly to keep searches running on Reverb for it...) You sound like you aren't even really looking for the guitar but the seller won't sell the amp separately? Is the price fair for JUST the amp? If so, go for it and give the guitar to a niece or nephew or school music program. If not, bow out gracefully and wait for the amp you're looking for.

Just my dufus personal opinion, of course. Now go play your guitars!


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Jan 19, 2023
All of you are awesome! I returned to check the thread and was so happy to see all of the responses! I want to answer all of you individually but I think it's just easier to make one post to answer them all :)

Yes, I am a dope and spelled Squier wrong LOL. (Nadzab and 1stpitch) To diydude, the string spacing was due to the previous owner having the bridge and neck pickups so high the were hitting the strings. RavenPOL, yes, I looked up the case and saw it was going for ~$180 on Amazon and that was what sealed it for me (aside from everyone here chiming in with info). To everyone who asked, it's a Peavey Bandit Silverstripe (which is actually all I wanted) and the package deal was $200... I didn't even haggle, it was a no brainer.

So the good is I got a decent Squier Strat with a great hard case (albeit with a couple of dents/cracks, nothing too bad) and a freaking sleeper of a SS amp for a good price. The bad is the gain channel on the amp didn't seem to work, but I messed with the pots and it may be dirty pots or bad solder joints, nothing I can't handle. The previous owner mysteriously moved the back cover plate on the guitar over 1/4 inch and screwed it in for no apparent reason (one of my boys asked "why did they do that?") so there are six extra screw holes on the back, and someone decided to take a knife or something to make a huge scratch all around the perimeter of the body (stupid, but at least it doesn't mess up the top or back).

All in all, I can probably fix anything that is wrong with the amp. Aside from the cosmetics on the body, the neck is in great shape, straight, no sharp frets. and with a proper setup, should be fine. Even holds tune with the stock tuners. I've been jamming on it all evening.

Everyone has been great and I'm glad I asked my question here despite my spelling :) Not to blaspheme, but I'll probably never own a Fender Strat on purpose, as my go to "Strat" is an '84 Ibanez Roadstar ;) . My older boy stole my MIJ Squier, and this new Squier may go with him to college as a mess around, so all good. I am happy to appreciate any guitar or amp as long as it makes the player happy! Thank you all!


Nov 24, 2022
Glad you pulled the trigger. With a little love it probably is a decent guitar. It will surely enjoy its second life, a true rescue.


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Jan 19, 2023
Quick update (sorry, not strat related :cool: ), the amp is all good, just dirty pots screwing up the signal. Some Deoxit and everything works as expected. The silver stripe Bandit is a versatile, inexpensive sleeper of an amp IMO. Don't get me wrong, there are better amps, but the price to performance ratio on this one is high (especially for a SS amp). The only thing I need to do is add an internal speaker defeat switch. I don't understand why it is not standard on all SS combos with external speaker jacks. I like the choice to use either the internal speaker and/or an external cab separately without having to unhook a speaker terminal connection. I did this on another SS combo and makes a world of difference. Also swapped in a Celestion Silver Series V12-80... sounds great! I'll update on the guitar after a proper setup and stay focused on strat-talk ;) 👍