Looking for the best way to sell some gear.


Feb 21, 2022
Muskegon MI
I have a lot of guitars that don't work that I want to fix so that I can sell them to buy a Grestch Streamliner, and I'm thinking of Reverb to sell it on. Mom say people won't buy thing because of shipping, and tells me to do it on Facebook marketplace so that they have to come and pick it up. I feel like nothing guitar related ever sells on Facebook, and when I look at Reverb, it seems like things sell there fairly quickly. Just wondering what I should use to sell it and if you would pay shipping for it. Any help appreciated, thanks


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Nov 21, 2020
I have done mostly CL local transactions for sales (I don’t have FB), but I live in the NYC metro area where there is a big audience, which helps. On one of the recent transactions the buyer said that he won’t do Reverb because of the shipping cost and because now that they charge state tax.

Reverb is particularly helpful for folks looking for the needle in a haystack items or higher end items where there are far fewer folks locally who are looking for that item.

When doing anything local, I suggest doing things in a parking lot of a place that gets lots of traffic, as there are sketchy folks out there.

MT Poteet

Sep 10, 2021
I sold a bunch on reverb last year.
You just have to factor in the shipping costs. There's the cost of the box, the bubble wrap, the time it takes to pack it and get it to your shipper.
It does take an extra effort to do that, but you don't have to deal with people coming to your house during a pandemic( that's when I sold my stuff).

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