Krispy Kreme


Dr. Stratster
Jul 28, 2011
the glazed when they’re hot, they’re the best. Everything else, other shops do much better. We have one or two great local donut shops that are better all-around, but Krispy Kreme has longer hours.


Senior Stratmaster
Feb 2, 2008
southern NH
never had a hot or even warm Krispy Kreme. There was talk about bringing some stores to NH but I think the economic downturn of '07 squashed that development. I've only had them as leftovers wrapped in stretch wrap. Yuck. Cold and sticky and messy as hell. Probably still better than Dunkin, though. DD has gone waaaay downhill IMHO. Back when they used to make them in the stores, they were decent. Now, apart from their breakfast sandwiches/wraps, they peddle sugary concoctions and contribute to the ever-increasing obesity problem. Their coffee has become unpalatable. About the only donuts worth eating are the strawberry frosted Dunkin and the glazed cake donuts at Market Basket. The latter has the advantage of being edible for more than 4 hours after making. I can eat half one day and the rest the next day.

Checked KK locations - none in NH or MA, we are firmly in the grasp of the DD syndicate, being their homeland. By law, you see the next DD before the last one is out of sight in your rearview mirror.