Killer deals you missed out on


Dr. Stratster
Sep 5, 2020
Altered States
A Champ II a year or so ago for $100. Contacted the guy within an hour of it listing but someone had already set up a buy. Even offered him more but no luck.

Not the most desirable of Fender amps, but rare, and I like offbeat stuff anyway... and clearly a bargain.
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The Knees of Rock
Apr 25, 2012
New Jersey
In the early days of eBay someone was selling a complete set of the 1982 run of Korina Flying V, Explorer and Moderne for $10k. I've coveted those guitars since seeing them in the window of Manny's in NYC when I was a teen. Expensive for sure but I've seen the V's alone going for $10-13k these days.

Hazard Nova

Senior Stratmaster
Apr 2, 2023
Klumbis Oh Hah
On Craigslist here a few years ago there was a lead (as in single, soprano register) steel pan & stand for $400. That's just about the only Gear Acquisition I wish I'd made that I didn't. It wasn't chromed but chroming isn't a dealbreaker for me. Now I'll probably have to wait until I'm retired and spend $2k+ on one from Pan Yard.


Dr. Stratster
Sep 5, 2020
Altered States
33 vacuum tubes on eBay for $83 AUD. I forgot to bid.

Look into Esnipe. It's very inexpensive and it bids for you at whatever timing you want. I use it and it reliably bids four seconds before the end of the auction.

That also prevents me from getting involved in biding as might be a dozen emotional thing. I decide how much the animal is worth to me, I enter to be at in East night, and that's what I did. If I win I win the item for what I thought it was worth. If I lose, It's because the item sold for more what I wanted to pay.


Mar 25, 2014
I didn't buy a black guard Tele (a real one) back in '89 for $450.00 in a pawn shop because the frets were worn out🗽


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Jan 2, 2023
Greer sc
1952 Goldtop LP for $800 with original case.
1959 CSB LP with PAFs for $4500 with Anvil flight case.
Not recently,it was February or March 1977.
Forgot to add-same year in June the music store I shopped in had a 1961 LP with the SG body. Cherry red,Bigsby,cracked finish,no neck repair-$150
I did buy a 1968 LP Goldtop for $300 August 2nd,1986.