Is Billy F Gibbons the coolest human alive?


Mar 2, 2019
Southeast USA
^^This. I am as big a BFG and ZZ Top fan as there ever was, have been since the early 70's, but it's not hard to see that BFG's "coolness" is an act. And playing that show after Dusty's death was as un-cool a thing as they could have done.

BFG is still my guitar hero, but that's it.


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Nov 11, 2012
New Jersey
His coolness diminished a bit for me when he played a ZZTop show the day after Dusty died as though it almost never happened.

I hear ya. On the other hand there’s business obligations, contracts, lots of employees and lots and lots of things for people other than Billy G riding on these things moving forward, so I don’t know.