If you could only keep one acoustic...


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Nov 17, 2021
Probably my Martin D1. It's an older one before they changed the neck and it seems to sound better every year. I recently made a new Tusq saddle for it and now it sounds even better. IMO it sounds like a much higher end Martin.

If not the Martin it would be my Tacoma T9...
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Jul 22, 2011
Venice, CA
I only have 1 so I'm keeping it.

When my wife and I were newly married she wanted to buy me an acoustic guitar for Christmas. Neither one of us had much money at the time so she set the budget at $200. We were in Phoenix, AZ visiting my parents who lived there at the time and went to Guitar Center. I played every guitar in that range and we both agreed that this one particular 2003 Yamaha FG-413S SDB was by far the best sounding. It also plays great and feels like well constructed guitar. If I remember correctly it was a little bit over our budget and was either $225 or $250. Since she also liked it the best it was and is the one. Every time I play it and see all the battle scars on it I realize it's a metaphor for our marriage. We've been through some really crazy times and some really good times together but the guitar still plays great and sounds even better today than when it was new. I love the neck profile on it. I've used it on recordings and it always sounds fantastic. I've had multiple engineers compliment the balanced tone that comes out of it. It's perfect for me. The older I get the more I realize that she is too.
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Dec 5, 2006
Sacramento, CA
I have only one acoustic. Its a guitar my ex wife found in someone's garbage. Turned out to be the best acoustic I ever owned.
I had a customer bring me four Martin's to setup and I had him play this thing and he refused to believe it wasn't a Martin. It has so much natural ring, I have to tell the sound guys not to add any reverb in my mix.


May 4, 2015
For keeping one, it would have to be my Breedlove.
I have some history with my old (small) Jumbo Landola, and it is fun to play. It is getting tired, though, and I dare not use anything but the lightest strings on it.
The Breedlove OM sounds wonderful.




Apr 12, 2021
I more or less already made that decision and my Guild D46 is the one I’d keep above all else, the ash looks cool, and it is so balanced and articulate without being too bright, everyone comments how it just cuts through and sounds great. My wife even picked it out blindfolded over the D55 in a head to head tone test. So I sold the D55 😯


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Apr 27, 2018
Which acoustic guitar would you keep and give any details as to why. Mine would be my Alvarez FF60TSB pictured below. This guitar has been through it all with me. Every show I played as a kid, everytime I needed money busking on the street, everywhere I went this guitar came with me growing up. My parents and family all went in on it as a surprise for Christmas when I was 16. I had worked at the local music shop and played it everyday. My co-worker who was much older worked the deal with my folks behind my back and one day I had went in to find that my guitar behind the counter had been sold. I was devastated to say the least because I had never played a guitar with that kind of feel and unbelievable tones before. My co-worker said someone came in and purchased it the night before. That was the most shocking surprise gift I have ever experienced when I opened the washburn box they wrapped it in. Just a cool memory that I was extremely blessed to have. Aside from the looks, this guitar sounds so beautiful and has a very bass like tone. Hoping that my kids will gather some interest and that it can stay in the family for a long time.

Just curious what stories people have about their favorite acoustic as there is usually always a good story behind a guitar.
I have an old (1956) beat up Guild M20. It’s not my most beautiful or most expensive acoustic (I bought it for $20), but it’s the one I pick up when I play acoustic 95% of the time. That guitar’s been around the world a few times and it has the scars to prove it. The body resonates like nothing else.


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Jul 19, 2022
Czech Republic
My takamine dreadnought i have since 1997, my first steel string guitar, i play it every single day even if only for a minute before bedtime,
Nut fell off like two years ago and i wanted to play that day so i restrung it and it has same strings since than, i have to repair it finally , ( i know, disgusting😅)
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