I don’t think this is listed correctly…

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Sep 15, 2020
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The seller is using an appropriate model title for the guitar, and they checked this with Fender as well. They can ask whatever they want for it. Seeking to sell it for maximum value by trying to attract buyers who want that specific model is standard; if it doesn't move, the price will drop. What was the question again?


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May 17, 2016
just do the serial number search...

Limited Edition American Vintage '70s Hardtail Stratocaster®, Maple Fingerboard, 3-Color Sunburst


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The value of vastly most items (including guitars) is "how much is it worth to the seller" vs "how much is it worth to the buyer or buyers" (buyers if more than one is bidding). Guitars have very little value on their own merits (you cannot eat it or spend it or use it (more than once) for fuel). They are "worth" what the 2 (or more if bidding) of you say they are "worth". If his number is higher than yours, move on. If his number is lower than yours, buy it.


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Fender has sooooo many different models/variants/FSRs.

I usually scour GC useds site but they hardly ever seem to know what they have. Add the guitar to the cart, go to cart and most times the serial number is listed. Go to Fender site at the seral look up and type it in they are super accurate! I just bought a 2017 Standard USA Strat. But i. Reality it was a 2017 FSR Ebony board love it!
I love this fact about GC. I have bought several mis-labeled guitars. Odd that a whole company (that even has "guitar" in their name) knows so little about gutiars--but here we are. Since they ship for $20 and the guitars are entirely returnable to my local GC, I feel pretty free to buy them with little risk. Not much downside there!

I got a 2000 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman (labeled as "fair" condition) which arrived in brand new condition, still with stickers and hang tags in tact. Even came in the original Gibson Box. It was curiously labled as a "2010 Gibson Memphis reissue of the CG" (which is a model that does not exist and was mislabled (I think) due to the way Gibson swaps up serial numbers) and listed for $1700. I called the store directly and offered $1300 and they took it. It is a model that sells for around $4k+ (all the time) and although never overly popular in sales--is a TREMENDOUS guitar. It is in a rare color (officially "Chet Atkins Orange) for those models. It is one of the stars of my little collection. Crazy flame with a Bigsby

Edit--I just realized that the 3D flame does not show well in those photos. Trust me on this one, crazy flame. I added a couple of more I found. One shows the back which still does not show all the flame but shows a little and another that shows the pick guard still with the plastic and stickers on it and a little more flame.


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Nov 25, 2017
So… serial number is clearly marked.
Go to Fender ser lookup and all is revealed.
NOT rocket science
NOT difficult.
Sometimes things actually ARE what they are.
American Vintage.. no but it’s out there, it’s not a secret or a scam.
Due diligence please 😀.

Ps I’m just as daft as any of you and sometimes you should only think about posting and delay it one day.. wish I’d done that more often !!


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Jan 17, 2015
So, stumbled across this

Which immediately I thought wasn’t an American vintage.

so I messaged the seller saying so and that I thought it might be something like a highway one, not being a dick just to be helpful and they responded with this

Thanks for your message. The model of this guitar is a " Limited Edition American Vintage '70s Hardtail Stratocaster®, Maple Fingerboard, 3-Color Sunburst" according to Fender, and is a limited run instrument. You can type the serial into the Fender Serial Finder to find this information. This model can be found online, the reference to American Vintage in the model name will be with regards to the pickups.

It is not a Highway One, as these have different pickups, different hardware and did not have a hardtail variant top my knowledge.

Am I way off? Or is he misinformed?
Well from the pictures I see. It does NOT appear to have the push button highway volume knob that is characteristic of highway ones. Why do You think it’s a highway one ? The neck or the string trees ? The neck plate. I own 2 highway ones and both of mine have the push knob.


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Dec 8, 2012
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Why on earth don't guitar makers do what the car makers do, and write the model name on the things somewhere - say next to the serial number? Then you'd know whether it was a Highway One, Vintage, Special,, De Luxe, GT or whatever.

Hardly rocket surgery is it? Yet none of them actually do it.