How do you take yer coffee ?


Not Of This Earth
Dec 26, 2010
Scott, La.
Three eggs over easy, hash browns (scattered, covered, smothered, chunked) with white toast is truly a thing of beauty. Hot sauce to taste of course.

Man. Thanks Norm. Now I’m craving a Waffle House run. :)
@Nate D
Ham & Cheese Omelet
Toast and Grape Jelly
Hash Browns
Coffee and a Coke

I had it Saturday night after the gig. Been eating that since the 80’s. The places change, Pitt Grill, Denny’s, IHOP or Waffle House. I’ve switched to What A Burger sometimes cause it not so crazy and they open 24 hours. Oh they still crack real eggs at WhatABurger… but they don’t make Omelets…


Dr. Stratster
Oct 29, 2019
North of South
I do like good coffee, but no longer bother with making it. Too much fuss for a truly good brew.

Anyone want / need a lightly (3x) used Oxo bean grinder?

I like green tea with some Oolong and black tea. For black tea, make mine Darjeeling please. I do not like Earl Gray and "English Breakfast" teas. Nasty imwo...
I like cinnamon flavored tea.


Dr. Stratster
Oct 16, 2018
Just a splash of almond milk to kill the acidic edge.

I'm also a fan of the richness of Bustelo like @Murdog - or a similar grind/roast Mexican coffee. Sometimes I mix with it a mocha coffee I like for a different edge.

If I take it black, I kind of need a cigarette with it. Usually have it with French Vanilla creamer, no sugar.