How do you go about purchasing a Tokai guitar state side.


Dr. Johnny Fever
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Dec 17, 2016
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There is several reasinably priced ($800-1000) early 80s models on and then there is one for only $22K 😨



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Mar 3, 2012
Surrey, England
Be aware that many later Tokais were made in Korea and currently China which go for cheap money and from what I have seen on forums not particularly desirable or as good as the original Japanese stuff.


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Nov 27, 2013
Could be the right time to look into these (new) Tokais? :whistling:
Original family ownership sold the company (already more then a year now) and I'm still not sure what the new owners are planning for the brand?


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Mar 15, 2016
Some of the newer MIJ models popping up for sale here in the U.K. look very very nice,
I’d love to grab one of the ES-224 or sg-215.

Over here the high end (higher number) Gibson style guitars are actually pretty good prices considering the Gibson they sre equivalent to. Although I’ve been watching second hand.
The new fender style ones I’ve seen aren’t quite as tempting a deal, although I’m certain they are very good.

Not that this helps you over the pond but here the one I’d love that has been in my watch list for some time

Getting a nice second hand Gibson 335 here with dots and binding is probably around £2500 give of take so that tokai is pretty tempting. Same with the sg215, I think the equivalent Gibson sits around £2k second hand and I’ve seen a couple of the tokais go for around £1k.

I’ve recently got my first tokai which is an 83 goldstar sound and it’s so very good, I’d buy another old tokai over most fender or Gibson.
The new ones I think would depend on the difference in price against the fender or Gibson equivalent,


Funk Meister
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Oct 31, 2013
I got this one from Rakuten Japan around. 9 months ago through an agent that shipped it to me in Australia.

Build quality is comparable to my Gibson and Gretsch guitars.

Rakuten photo