HNACD (Happy New Amp Cover Day)


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Mar 21, 2011
Nature Coast Florida
I bought a cover for my Powercab Plus from Custom Amp Covers out of Rochester Mills , MI. This is the third cover I've purchased from them. The reasons I go back to them are they are hand made in MI by American workers who clearly take pride in their workmanship. The materials are heavy duty and I know they will protect my equipment as I load and lug it. It seems the Tolex on the Powercab is paper thin and prone to scrapes and dings so I'm glad it arrived in time for tonight's gig. The covers are all made to order and it was a week from online placement to my front door. When the time comes that I need a 4th cover, they will get my business again. Their URL is if you too are so inclined.

Pics to make it real. It still has the shipping folds in it. Those will relax out in a day or two.

Powercab Cover.jpg


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Mar 24, 2013
Los Angeles
Nice covers. And good to know they exist. I've found myself looking for covers for stored amps several times in the past, just to keep dust off the things. And the prices look to be decent as well.

If you know someone with a clothing steamer, you can "relax" out those shipping folds a lot faster.

I've been using Studio Slips, however, for local gigs that don't require touring-style Anvil cases. They're heavily padded and are available as clamshell cases (all six sides are covered and zippered in). They're far more expensive, however.

And I've replaced tolex on most of my amps these days with LineX, Duratex (roll-on coating that looks like tolex, but that doesn't rip or tear) or, in one case, heavily lacquered tweed (!).

LineX is virtually structural, near-indestructible and eliminates all dings, rips, tears, etc. It's a bit heavy and goes on fairly thick (compared to tolex), but you can have your cabs done at any local LineX dealer. It's just brutal stuff.

Duratex (by Acrytech) is a rubberized coating that goes on like a paint with a special roller (or it can be sprayed on). It, or something similar, can be found on almost every professional audio system cabinet these days. Unlike a nylon fabric like tolex, it won't rip or tear (I think most of these happen when the covers are off), and dents and dings can be easily repaired.

And finally, real tweed that's been heavily lacquered is also really tough stuff (though much thicker than tolex); I replaced faux tweed tolex on one vintage-look amplifier with it and that cabinet took a beating protecting a Carvin Belair and came out of a long tour with only a beer-bottle stain on the top of the amp. How that got there I'll never know...


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Apr 23, 2014
Good quality covers. I've used various of their covers in the past as well. I tried to avoid the relic amp and cab look in the past as well. Not as tough as a road case, but considerably cheaper and gets the job done, especially for local gigs and storage.