Hi, I'm new to the Strat world


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Sep 22, 2022
So I got a strat.
A Squier SE I think, but not sure.
From a charity shop for €100 - which is probably overpriced for what it is but I don't mind considering it was a charity shop.
Lots to be done on it, intonation is off and action is too high, but looks like truss rod is fine.
No serial number, no branding on the neck bolt plate or on the tuners.
1.75" thickness, the smaller headstock, 22 frets, 6 bolt trem mount, block saddles.
Haven't taken it apart yet, but will be interesting to see what's in there.
Back when I bought my first guitar (90's) I struggled to choose between a SQ Strat and an Epi LP - went with the LP
Now delighted to have both :)


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Oct 16, 2018
Welcome. I don’t think it’s an SE. I had one and the headstock was larger. What kind of tuners are on it?

It doesn’t really matter which model it is. For a hundred bucks you did well. Happy New Guitar Day!


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Sep 5, 2020
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A photo of the headstock/logo, and a body close-up, will probably let the gurus here tell you what it is. For a while they used stickers for serial numbers and they are known to fall off.

I believe any older full thickness body is a "Standard", but that's usually on the head stock. Also, I'm very far from a Squier guru.


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Nov 27, 2020
Since it says "Strat", it's most likely the original SE and not the newer Affinity model. It should have sealed tuner with Squier branded on them. It's a decent deal, good solid base, can be upgraded easily (but doesn't really need it). Get it set up and it will be a good player.

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