Headstock tinting

Scott Baxendale

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May 20, 2020
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Please don’t take my comments past what I actually said. It’s the OP’s guitar and whatever makes him happy is all that matters. My point was it looks bad to me, and it devalued the guitar by half. If he gets an amount of enjoyment beyond that then it’s worth it to him, but he won’t be able to sell to or trade up with it.


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Nov 7, 2010
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As a thought project and potential practice it would make sense. In practice the problem for me is why, and the uneven look of the front from the masking. I would not do it for me, but it is not my guitar. Heck at one time I took a LP Satin Studio in dark navy blue and made this. But it was solely for me not anyone else.
from this:


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Other's may not understand the choices of their fellows...some may be terribly confused by them.

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Both circles are valid. The choice and the confusion. As long as no one is harmed...no one is harmed.

It's all good.