Has anyone got pics of a roasted maple Musikraft neck finished with their tinted oil? How dark is it? Or get MJT nitro finish?


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Apr 30, 2022
I’m looking at getting a Musikraft neck to go with my MJT nitro relic body. It’ll be a rosewood board, and just deciding on what finish to go with - I don’t want it too dark - I’m going with a 60’s theme.

I could have MK finish it with one of their oils which I have read fell very nice. Or, they can ship to MJT for a Nitro relic finish. Just keen to hear other people’s experiences with finishing a MK neck.

Norrin Radd

Jul 19, 2008
Saint Paul
2 of my most favorite neck! Both are Musikraft. One is flame the other birdseye. The amount of figuring really affects the overall color. IME, more figure = darker overall appearance. YMMV

40701725-A17F-499B-AB71-23674251A2FE.jpeg 36C55A7B-AEF1-47F9-B3A2-5964D63B057B.jpeg


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Jan 14, 2021
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Don’t they say something on their website about the light or dark roasted necks will vary? I ordered mine I remember reading that.

I ordered a Musikraft neck and they did the aged oil thing. I got it sent to MJT anyway because unlike others I wanted it to be high gloss nitro. MJT did that for me but the fretboard on mine being maple looked like poop when I got it from MJT. Dirt and dust in the finish on the fretboard. The back looked great so if going with MJT and a rosewood board you’ll be okay.

Straight from MJT dirty fretboard
3EFF1D7F-DEED-4495-82D3-B95D72E94451.jpeg 088FB222-36D6-4123-97F5-B186628C0F0D.jpeg F8C5E969-A3E5-4C00-BFA3-7E3F0AA23D6B.jpeg

I stripped it to bare wood then refinished it myself. They are not gold frets, just didn’t clean the nitro off. 2FBDA039-6C77-4267-93EA-CD0185F5F92B.jpeg A3A5AE49-7ED5-47DC-BEE7-C5349EF354C6.jpeg 2AAAAF8D-6EF6-44CA-865F-31FC7682BF7A.jpeg 47E0AB9C-7C2F-4151-8DFF-DE9A613AC92A.jpeg 1078A13F-66E8-4DD7-B55E-E1FEB7146445.jpeg 8B9F96DB-7127-4FDB-AB9D-D58A9950DF3E.jpeg