Got any favorite Judy Collins songs?


Aug 10, 2020
Atlanta, GA
I know I tend to be a bit harsh when discussing female singers like Carly Simon, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell etc. but Judy Collins has always been a favorite singer of mine.

She began singing at an early age, appearing on a Denver area radio show, and released her first album for Electra Records in the early sixties. Her first big hits included a reading of Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now, and her haunting performance of Amazing Grace is also a must listen. Stephen Stills became her biggest fan, dating her and even writing Suite Judy Blue Eyes for her.

In 1975, she recorded a cover version of Send In The Clowns, which was eventually reissued in 1977 to tie in with a greatest hits compilation. However, to soft rock flavored for the folk scene, dwindling sales followed her career in the eighties. She still records and tours to this day.
Her albums Judith and Bread and Roses, are my personal favorites of hers, and rank alongside No Secrets by Carly Simon and Late For The Sky by Jackson Browne as some of the greatest but most underrated folk rock albums ever made. Songwriters like Sarah McLachlan and Natalie Merchant have also worn their Judy Collins influences on their sleeve.