Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


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Dec 2, 2020
Cypress TX
In 1984, IIRC, the one hit wonder band booked to play Brunel University's Runneymede campus's Student Union Christmas ball canceled at short notice to do Top Of The Pops.

One of the lasses on campus had a small job mowing Reg Dwight's lawn, so, in some desperation she went over to his house, explained the situation, and asked Reg if he knew any upcoming bands that could stand in.

"Have you got a piano?"

"Yes, there's a big old grand in the ballroom. Hasn't been tuned since World War ONE but we've got a piano."

" Right. Get it tuned and leave the rest to me."

Reg gets hold of his backing band and they play a two hour set. Free of charge.

Nice one, Reg.👍👍👍👍👍

Houdi Elbow

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Aug 9, 2021
UK, somewhere in the Midlands
I don't think Elton ever bettered this album. I bought it on vinyl when it first came out, and have always owned a copy, though my copy now is on cd.
Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding is a great opening for the album. His band was smokin' back then.....( and I don't just mean the old Mary Jane 😉)