Free Plug In today on Waves - Lil Tube


Total Hack
Jun 22, 2014
Same Shed Different Day
As usual, "Lil Tube" is part of a "nicer" tube emulator called BB Tubes. They did the same thing a year or two ago with giving away CLA Echosphere and then releasing CLA Epic which included Echosphere.

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I left my install last night for over an hour and it was still on 48% - try again later this week.
I've watched a bunch of vids on BB tubes this last week.. once you get past the expected "this is a game changer" marketing hype, it actually seems like a pretty solid plugin.

May just do this one, while its still $24.99

Edit: ok I'm weak.. picked up BB Tubes. Now to just learn to take advantage of it. :rolleyes:
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