Cracks in new American Pro II


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Jan 23, 2020
Hi Everyone,
I purchased a new Strat 2 weeks ago and have noticed quite a lot of cracks in the body wood through the finish.
Do you think this should be covered under warranty? I don't want to find as the guitar gets older, the cracks get bigger. As it is now if you turn it at an angle to the light you can also see the finish dips into the cracks creating lines along the body.
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Looks like mineral streaks to me.

Bob Spumoni

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May 5, 2019
New England
Wrong. If he can't return it due to an "ALL SALES FINAL" clause, you can't just f that and return it anyway. Sorry. That's not how it works.
Once upon a time, people, particularly people in business, did not limit themselves to doing only that which legalities compelled them to do. I will continue to act as if this reamins the case, however many unethical fools might disagree (I refer to certain sellers, not to you.) There is never anthing wrong in asking another to do what seems to you to be the right thing, whether you feel or do not feel that they might be compelled to do so. Lawyers, of course, will likely disagree, but since when have we looked to them for moral guidance?