Could someone here help with Double Tap wiring?


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Apr 25, 2023
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I am new to this forum and registered just to get an opinion on wiring up a stratocaster. I know nothing, but would greatly appreciate any input on this issue. I recently purchased Fender’s Double Tap humbucker and tried to match the wiring on the American Professional II HSS stratocaster seen in the attachment. There are Fender Fat 50s in the middle and neck positions. My wiring is the exact same as seen in the attachment, but when I switch to position 2 on the strat, the pickups are clearly out of phase. Also when pulling the tone knob to tap/split the humbucker, the bridge position is out of phase but position 2 is back in phase.

I have done quite a bit of research/tinkering on this and am completely stumped. The humbucker’s polarity is south slug/north screw, slug side (south) is closest to the middle pickup and the middle pickup is RWRP, north polarity. It appears as though the American Professional II uses a V Mod II Double Tap pickup with the opposite polarity. I have tried flipping the magnet on the regular Double Tap to “correct” the polarity. It seemed to work but the bridge position is still out of phase when tapped. I’ve also tried swapping lead wires on the push/pull pot with no luck. I noticed that the push/pull wiring is reversed on the Double Tap wiring diagram (picture attached). Would this make a difference?

I emailed Fender and they sent a wiring diagram of the Double Tap which was not much help. I am trying to wire this with the 500k/250k dual volume pot. Is there anyone here who could tell me if it is possible to keep the same wiring with this pickup? Am I missing something here? Could there be a few leads I need to swap around? I also included a picture explaining the different colored wiring leads. I have no idea what to do from here. Whatever it could be, again I would appreciate anyone taking the time to check this out. I am lost on this one.


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Fender appear to be using different versions of the DoubleTap in the American Performer and Professional II HSS models

The American Performer HSS DoubleTap seems to be the same polarity as the retail version.
The service manual shows the single coil polarity as neck north, middle south. The wiring looks to be the same as the support wiring diagram for the retail DoubleTap.

Am Perf service manual

I would perhaps go back to Fender, explain the out of phase problems and request a wiring diagram that is compatible with the Fat 50s see what their response is.
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