Convert HSS player strat electronics to American ultra


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Nov 29, 2022
Well, hello.

I impulse bought the ultra vintage noiseless pickups ‘cause I got them for 135 bucks which I thought was a good deal.

Never having done guitar mods before, I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into 🙂. I have some questions

1. Will any standard pickguard with SSS slots do or do I need a specific one ? I don’t want to drill holes in my beautiful guitar.

2. Where do I buy the original S1 switch ? Is Amazon ok ? How hard would it be to wire the stuff up ? I can solder and plan to learn from wire diagrams and YouTube videos.

3. If I decide to keep the player humbucker and only replace neck and middle pickup , would the tone , output and existing knobs match ?

4. Lastly, if I switch all electronics, will this guitar sound almost like the S1 ultra ?

I know these are a lot of questions but id appreciate your input on any of these questions. I’m not a professional and I’m just wondering if the change in tone from player to ultra pickups is worth the hassle.

Lucius Paisley

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Jul 14, 2021
Sydney, Australia
Just remember to track down the serial number for a real American Ultra and make a decal for it.

That way, if you decide to resell it later, you don't need to change the guitar back to its original configuration.

Plus you'll make more than you paid for it.

No, it's not a scam, it's a MOD. It's FINE.

Skinny Nitro

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Jul 21, 2013
Merseyside UK
The HSS Ultra has Modern noiseless pickups not Vintage and a DoubleTap humbucker.
I would start with the Fender service manuals/wiring diagrams for all 3, see what is involved.
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