Bruce Springsteen fanzine Backstreets to shut down over ticket prices

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Jan 10, 2021
I'm glad ol' Pony is taking on the entire USA today, yesterday it seemed to just be me he was furious with. I felt rather lonely. Today I have company! Which meds do you think he's on?

Just to be clear folks, this discussion is not supposed to be about Springsteen, he's incidental to this, it's the wider issue of inflated prices, "service charges" "transaction charges" & "dynamic pricing". You can love or hate Springsteen, it's irrelevant here.
OK so let's go back to the subject at hand...

I'm curious about this "dynamic pricing" formula... but I'm not sure I have all the facts to agree or complain about the system. Yes, 4000$ for a seat at a rock show is insane, but I don't think this sole figure is enough to comment.

Therefore I have a few questions:

Is there a cap on the price that the artist can impose ?
Is there a floor on the price that the artist can impose ?
Is there an average ticket price agreed upon that influence set cap and floor ?

Where does the money go ? If they sell a 4000$ ticket is the profit shared by the artist or it all goes to ticket master ?

Other then ticketmaster, is there other option for top artists that can handle the demand of their tickets ? In other words, does ticketmaster have a competitor or are they in a position to squeeze the artists in a format that they may not agree with ?

I think they are valid points to understand the situation here... and do we know what the answers to these questions are or would this be speculation ?
Not open for further replies.