Boyo's non school band Mockjaw


Dr. Stratster
Mar 15, 2015
Sachse TX behind the cemetary
Hung out with my Son ate some great Asian food, sat on a couch while Mockjaw rehearsed. They were amazingly good, they play in all kinds of odd meter, do all kinds of odd stuff all of them brimming with chops and ideas. As reported earlier, they are getting CALLS FROM VENUES rather than having to contact and ask for gigs.

Met Collin's housemates, they live in an old house with big rooms in a cool part of town. Oddly friendly and funky but the vibe is friendly in the area. It's old houses being rented to college kids and a few really nicely renovated old houses for hip people.

Turned out that the late night deal tonight for the college radio show would not have a real audience, just a few people standing around, Collin and I decided it did not sound like much fun so I came back home.
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