Big Babies.


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Apr 28, 2013
learning the diff between a fact and one's own opinion takes time for some folk.

I think it's much harder for people to accept to someone else's opinion online than it is in real life.
They have rules and I don't want to get kicked out in my first week.

Why not? Why not find out sooner rather than later before you waste a bunch of time.

I can't see you from here, but something tells me that you don't.


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Dec 2, 2010
Peardale CA
Joined a bunch of guitar groups on FB last night and some people don't like their "advice" rejected.

I've had at least a dozen people all say "you should get a Gotoh and replace that bridge". I told one guy I looked into it and said with the changes I'd have to make and the cost of a new bridge seriously outweighing the cost of the guitar, it was going to push things right out of my price range.

His response? "Well, I hope you enjoy your piece of **** guitar."

He had one of those really big Van Dyke beards and quite vicious MPB on top, you know the type, the ones who go bald but insist they're "not bald, only balding" as if a giant beard compensates for that.

I didn't bring it to his attention because that would have been rude.

So I brought it up here instead because screw him.
Guitar groups on Facebook?


Jun 18, 2015
Roanoke, VA
You want inane discussions of bridges, go to

A bridge is a pretty silly thing to call a man’s axe a POS over, when we all know cloth push-back vintage wire is the secret to being a guitar hero.

Lucius Paisley

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Jul 14, 2021
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You brought it up....
You asked I answered.

But if you need a full explanation, you go to Facebook, it will probably be an idea to have an active Facebook account, you'll see a search function in the corner of your screen, you can tell which corner by the appearance of a magnifying glass, a magnifying glass is a hand-held object that you look through and it makes everything on the other side bigger, you might have seen Sherlock Holmes use one on television or in movies, Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as for television and movies, that's a much longer explanation, however, using the search function, type in the words "guitar" and "groups", then press Enter, a key on your keyboard, or if you use a Mac computer, and why would you, you can press Return with the same result.

I trust you can figure the rest out from there.