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Jan 24, 2022
I was thinking about the scene in The Dirt where they were naming the band and Nikki wanted to call it Xmas and Tommy wanted to call it The Fourskins before Mick suggested Motley Crue. Then I started thinking about band names that I passed on. We eventually ended up calling our bands ExecutionStyle and The Reserrections but some of the other silly names we didn't use were Plaque, Vile Smile, Boot Spray, The Dirters, No Fixed Address, and The Horror Kids.

What are some names you suggested but ultimately didn't use?

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Apr 27, 2022
A leader of one band I was in wanted to call us “Rhythm Progress”…I told him that sounded like an updated version of a poor method of birth control (rhythm method).

He was insecure in his masculinity, so to mess with his head I suggested “Homer Sessual and the Sissies”…eventually, he figured out I was joking.

We finally settled on my real suggestion “Soul to Soul”, after the SRV song/album…it was fitting, based on our set list.

That’s the only ”conflict” I ever won in that band.

After a while I left the band because of…well, “stupid band stuff”…if you’ve ever been in a band, you understand.

Then the remaining 9 members (not exaggerating) found out there was a modern R&B band called “Soul II Soul”…they broke up not much later anyway, because of the same “stupid band stuff” I had tired of.
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Feb 21, 2014
My very first band...we played a high school talent contest under the hastily named 'Diamonds and Rust' then agreed to change it. I wanted to name us "The Good Ole Boys" as an homage to the Blues Brothers but we opted for "Thanatopsis" for our duration.

Second band..I don't remember all the different names we threw out but picking a band name was like torture because no one could agree on anything, much like what our setlist should be. Some of the more memorable ones tossed around were Poundcake, Intergalactic Banana Hammocks, and Smack (which we ultimately decided on "SMACC" as it was an acronym using the first letters of our names...I hated it but such is life in a band..)


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Feb 8, 2017
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"Misled" (People either mispronounced it "Missiled" and our pseudo band leader didn't take to well to it.
We used it for a while but changed the band name to Mr. Murphy