Bagatelles For Two Guitars


The Knees of Rock
Apr 25, 2012
New Jersey
I usually visit your other thread for my Sunday morning cappuccino accompaniment so it was a nice surprise to see this here. Wonderful playing E. I always look to you when I want to be elevated above the power chord stuff I typically play. :)


Nov 1, 2013
northeastern us
Hi there....what do you use to record your tracks? And what effects and DI amp sims do you prefer?
My usual signal chain nowadays is guitar > HX Stomp > Scarlett 2i2 > laptop.
Most FX are coming from the Stomp, as are the amp/cab sims.
i tweak things in the Stomp for various recordings, and also often add EQ and
compression from the DAW.
i also have a HeadRush Gigboard and a Neural DSP Quad Cortex, but i like the
small footprint of the Stomp, so i tend to use it most frequently.
DAWs are GarageBand, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live, depending on where i'm
working and what i'm trying to do.