Wanted Anyone selling a Strat Plus?


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Jul 6, 2014
Carmel IN
I've noticed. Had a beautiful Strat Plus Deluxe last year I should have kept.

Dick Blackmore

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Jan 10, 2017
Black Hole
@Lonn I am planning on selling mine. Let me tell you about it first and I don’t have a price nor have I yet researched selling it.

I have an 1990 Strat Plus Deluxe in Crimson Frost. It no longer has the original wiring, I do still have the original pickups (Red Silver Blue 662 with the bar on the back), they need to have the leads extended. What is in the original pick guard is a CS54, PV65, TS bridge (Robin Trower). It was re-fretted in 2016 by Fred at the Repair Zone in San Diego, arguably the best luthier in all of So Cal, you can read his reviews yourself if you want. He did an amazing job. While it was in his shop I bought a Am Pro Jazzmaster that has become my #1 guitar. After the fretjob I basically put the Strat Plus away. Its not a collector, its a player, I gigged this guitar as my #1 for 20 years. Up close the body shows this with numerous scratches. It has a couple of divots that are maybe 3 mm. I can provide all the details you might want. My plan is to restore it to original electronic setup, but I wont have time to do that until June so its not currently up for sale. It also has the FSR roller nut installed. I still have the Wilkinson nut however and it can easily be put back on. I did not like it because it makes you use 10-46 or less and I prefer .011 and .012. It weigh’s 8lbs and 2 ozs. Original pickgaurd, maybe I still have the backplate…(pretty sure I do). I can send pictures to you if you wish. I think it is in much better shape than most of the ones I see on Reverb, my dings are small and earned on stage. The scratches are not deep but numerous. I cannot capture them all on camera.

Let me know by PM if you want to see it in details.