Another Tokai Goldstar ID question


Dr. Stratster
Apr 21, 2010
London, UK
The plot thickens.

Long story short I've asked the seller for a refund and I'll ship the guitar back to them. The more I try and fix, the more problems are revealed.

Every fret between 5th and around 13th is either high or low so needs a thorough fret fress. The nut is amateur hour and literally fell off, it's not original so the bottom is wonky and someone hacked up the slot trying to make it work.

I just read this all the way through. It all looked good till I saw the frets & that awful fretboard flattening job. Why do people do such stupid things to a vintage guitar? I guess Tokais suffer more with this nonsense because some ignorant people see them as just "cheap copies". Sorry the guitar was butchered by an idiot, but I'm glad you got your money back.