Andy Timmons


Apr 19, 2021
It was a great show and Uli, Andy, and Jennifer all got up on stage together and played some Hendrix tunes at one point. Uli's band was really loud and actually led to some hearing damage - forgot my ear plugs. They played all the old original Scorpions tunes. I would love to see Timmons with a full band - looks like he played in Texas in April with a full band and is heading to Europe in June - maybe there is hope this fall.............
I saw one show of that tour. Andy played 'Headed for the Ditch' on an Ibanez Talman, first time I saw him with that guitar. He played the white Strat when I saw him at the Iridium in '15 or '16. I'm always floored at how much music comes out of him. It is always so full. One of my all time favorites.