Am I the only one who thinks high-end Strat model verbage seems funny now?


Jul 27, 2022
I never liked Fender using "Strat" in a model name. Nice guitars with a slang name ha haha. And bring back the "Standard"! Perfect name imo.
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Sep 8, 2022
West Virginia
Just marketing buzzwords to make you believe a product is better than some other ambiguous benchmark. Not to mention the fact that words like “ultra” and “deluxe” don’t have an actual definition, at least when it comes to guitars.

That being said, if I’m choosing between the Wimpy Student model and the Ultra Deluxe Big Pecker American model, the choice is clear.


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Apr 10, 2016
Greendale Vic Australia
Just don't be fooled by the marketing garbage, because that's all it is. Get a good standard cheapo strat, as long as it's got a decent setup, - all the other stuff is just a *ank designed to fool ab initio players who have more money than sense. It's your playing that'll make it good.
Oh and... yes "marketeers need jobs too..." Hahaha. Yes, but the point is, the marketeers don't give a stuff what they're selling. It could be baked beans or guitars, they don't care, they'll tell you anything that makes them more money, that's why they are "marketeers"!.
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